Welcome to Samdhana-Karana YogaBest Yoga in Tacoma

We are Tacoma’s Own Non-Profit Yoga and Healing Arts Center.

Our Mission:

We think that yoga is a practice that anyone can do to become healthier and more integrated in body, mind and spirit. We work to make this tool of transformation accessible and available to people of all incomes and abilities.

Our Vision:

To empower diverse communities towards lives of joy, peace, and purpose through affordable, accessible yoga.

News and Offerings:

We have MOVED! 

Our new location is 739 St. Helens Ave in Downtown Tacoma. 

Class Schedule

New Student Special: 6 weeks for $60

Flow Yoga to Live Cello April 27th

The Full Heart of Yoga Series Starts April 28th

8 Limbs to 12 Steps May 4th

Slow Yoga Series Starts May 6th

Ayurveda 101, Spring Cleanse May 10th

Art and Soul: A Community Art Show May 17th

Yoga for Beginners June 4th

We believe that No Body is too old, young, big, small, poor, privileged, immobile, well or unwell to benefit from the healing practices of YOGA!  COME and JOIN US!




Making Yoga Accessible and Available to Persons of All Incomes and Abilities
Empowering diverse communities towards lives of joy, peace, and purpose

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